Which Is More Important For You From A Concrete Company?

60% Do Not Think High Quality Concrete Is Important.

We asked 500 people aged between 25-54, which is more important for you from a concrete company?

High Quality Concrete

All of our ready mix concrete and screed is made from the highest quality quarried aggregates. We only use quarried aggregates espoused to recycled because the strength of recycled aggregates cannot be guaranteed. Our volumetric lorries are calibrated twice a year to ensure we maintain the high standard you expect from Total Concrete & Screed.

Low Priced Concrete

We always aim to keep our prices competitive whilst providing high quality concrete.  Most importantly we offer low prices on small orders and big discounts on large amounts. We understand that no matter what size project you are facing, budgeting plays a huge factor whilst ordering your concrete.

On Time Deliveries

With designated time slots, you can feel assured that Total Concrete & Screed will arrive promptly, we will never promise you a time we cannot achieve.

Good Communication

At Total Concrete & Screed we operate a fully digital system, from payments and invoices, to job cards and communication. Honest and clear communication is given to you from the time you book. Of course, we may face unforeseeable situations, if this does occur we will be in touch so you can plan around your concrete delivery.

Is High Quality Concrete Important?

Here at Total Concrete & Screed we understand that all four answers make the perfect concrete supplier, our results back this theory as there was no overwhelming majority vote. Based on the 500 people we asked, high quality concrete was the most important. 

We cover all basis of this survey to make Total Concrete & Screed your only option when it comes all sized projects from concrete for your shed bases, footings and driveways to large scale jobs for factory and warehouse floors.

Total Concrete & Screed has found the formula to achieve top quality concrete at competitive prices with prompt delivery and transparent communication. In other words, you won’t find another concrete company like us.

Read our blog on cheapest concrete in Wolverhampton to find out why searching by price isn’t always the smartest answer.

Why Did This Survey Matter To Us?

At Total Concrete & Screed we care about the product and service that we sell. We fill our customers with knowledge. As a result, want our customers to be experts in ready mix concrete, that way, our customers know what to expect from our product and service.

We love to receive feedback, it’s not just to receive compliments but to actually improve our service for our current customers and for new ones too.

Get in touch today with our friendly customer service team for ready mix concrete in Wolverhampton.

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