Which Concrete Do I Need?

Which Concrete Do I Need?

Explaining the differences between grades.

Additional Considerations

When thinking about the concrete you need, it is important you talk about all the other services we offer. These services are avalible to make your life easier.

Access Issues

Where access is a problem, we have a solution. We offer a pump service. The pump can also be helpful when there is a large quanity of concrete to be laid. Concrete is heavy and an awkward material to move in huge amounts. Click here to read more on pump hire in Wolverhampton.


There are many advantages to be gained when using fibres, they are perfect for concrete when the surface will be on show or a wearing surface. Fibres in concrete and screed reduce the initial surface cracks. They retain moisture and add some resistance against impact and shattering.

Flowing Concrete

If you need the concrete to move with a good flow without adding more water, then plasticiser is the perfect additive to include within the concrete mix. Adding more water can cause its own issues, it increases the risk of surface cracks caused by plastic shrinkage. By adding more water, you are diluting the concrete mix therefore, the concrete becomes weaker. We can add this solution into your concrete which can be ideal for most purposes, whether that is a shed base, footings, driveway or garage floor.

Need More Time?

Adding a solution called retarder will increase the working time of the concrete. It is more commonly added to screed to allow up to 7-8 hours time to work with the material before it starts to go off.

Different Concrete Mixes

Ready mix concrete is used for so many different purposes. Hence why there are so different grades of concrete. The concrete you need for a shed base will not be the same concrete you want for your driveway. Based in Wolverhampton, Total Concrete & Screed can cater to all your concrete needs.

Ready Mix Concrete Guide

We will ask you what concrete grade you need, if you don’t know, we will ask for the purpose of the concrete to enable us to guide you in the right direction. Each purpose will require a different grade of concrete. The strongest concrete mixes include the highest amount of cement, therefore the weakest concrete mixes have the least cement content.

Concrete For A Pathway

Concrete for a walkway or a path does not require a strong mix in the world of concrete. If the pathway only requires foot traffic we can use a mix with minimum cement content.

Concrete For A Shed Base

This enquiry is most popular during spring and summer months when everyone is out in their gardens. Concrete for your shed base needs to be stronger than a footpath however, it wouldn’t need to be as strong as your garage floor which would need to withstand the weight of a car or two.

Concrete For A Driveway

When ordering concrete for your driveway, we will let you know about our driveway mix. This is a stronger concrete mix to the shed base mix due to more cement. It also includes fibres. The fibres are important for this ready mix concrete purpose because it reduces plastic shrinkage and reduces surface cracks. Concrete fibres also increase the resistance to shatter and impact.

Concrete For Footings / Concrete For Foundations

If you need ready mix concrete for your footings/ foundations, you will be asked whether it is a single or double storey structure. For single storey structures, we will use a stronger mix then if you are looking to construct a double storey structure. Dependant on the job in hand, you may of been given specific requirements for the concrete. Just let us know and we will get it sorted for you.

Ready Mix Concrete In Wolverhampton 

If you need anymore advise on the different concrete mixes we offer, get in touch and we will be happy to go through your requirements and advise you correctly. We are based in Wolverhampton and serve most of the West Midlands with ready mix concrete and screed.

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