Vehicle Dimensions

It is important that you understand the sheer size of the volumetric lorry that will be delivering your ready mix concrete or floor screed.

It is a common question to ask how wide the lorry is, use the diagram below to work out if you will need a pump instead due to access restrictions.

Read on to find out more or call our customer service team for more information.

Mixer Dimensions

The figure shows the dimensions for our volumetric lorries. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the area is safe and there is reasonable access for the lorry when delivering your concrete order to your desired location. We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to property.
You may be asked to sign our terms and conditions at the time of delivery.

When the rear auger (where the concrete is discharged from) is in use, its reach is 2.6m. The additional chutes have a maximum reach of 1.2m each, we carry two additional chutes on each lorry.

Please allow a minimum of 3m for the vehicle to enter an opening, such as a gateway, this distance will need to be increased if the vehicle cannot drive straight at the opening.

Wasted journey charges may apply if a lorry is unable to access the site due to lack of instruction, incorrect dimensions of access, or failing to to mention access restrictions.


About the Mixer

Our volumetric concrete mixers are state of the art trucks that can mix and deliver up to 10m3 of concrete on-site depending on the concrete grade. The truck basically consists of a concrete mixer and separate compartments for sand, stone, cement and water. By mixing on site, the volumetric mixers offer many advantages over a rotating-drum mixer, in particular there is no risk of premature stiffening of the concrete should delays occur.

The volumetric concrete mixer eliminates waste by providing exact quantities needed, which works extremely well if the amount of concrete required is not fully known. As Total Concrete & Screed only charge you for what you use this also saves costs. Compared to rotating drum mixers, additional cost savings are also found if you require out-of-hours delivery as there is no need to reopen a concrete batch plant with a mobile volumetric concrete mixer.

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