Top Quality Floor Screed Wolverhampton

Total Concrete & Screed is a specialist supplier of screed in Wolverhampton. Screed is a thin layer of material applied to a floor that creates a smooth and hard wearing surface ready for tiles or carpets.

Screed is the ideal covering of underfloor heating as it protects the heating system itself and it also helps to retain the heat, meaning you could actually save money on your energy bills.

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Screed Wolverhampton

Our floor screed is the traditional dry mix screed which includes sharp sand, cement and minimal water. This is mixed thoroughly in our volumetric lorry to a stiff paste like material.

As we mix our screed on site, rather than pre-produced screed which other concrete companies use, we can adjust the quantity, strength and water content at any stage. All of our sharp sand is quarried and is used in every mix.

Screed Dry Mix Wolverhampton

We offer different ad-mixtures and fibres depending on your requirements, if we are confident you would benefit from admixtures or fibres we will explain their purposes and recommend them. Due to the quality of our cement, our screed drying time is very short, which is great if we can pour it straight into the room needed. If you need the screed to be workable for longer, we recommend a retarding admixture which reduces the the speed of the chemical reaction, allowing more time to work the product.

Screed fibres are also a popular choice when ordered screed, the fibres reduce the initial cracking in the curing stage.

Floor Screed Wolverhampton

You can find out how much screed you need to order by inputting some simple measurements into our screed mix calculator but don’t worry if you are still unsure, our friendly customer service team can advise you. Order today for same day delivery of screed Wolverhampton.

Why use us?

  • Traditional dry mix screed.
  • Admixtures available.
  • Friendly, experienced team.
  • Out of hours, time slots to suit you.
  • All vehicles calibrated.
  • Quality quarried aggregates in every mix.
  • Only pay for what you use.

How much will you need?

Our concrete calculator will help you work out the quantity you need. For advice and a quotation contact our advisors today.

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