Concrete Pumping Wolverhampton

At Total Concrete & Screed we offer concrete pump hire across the West Midlands.

A concrete pump is a clean and quick service to get to those hard to access sites. The quality of the product is inspected throughout by our experienced operators to ensure the standards remain exceptional. Concrete pumping is an ideal solution for cutting out the labour, mess and time of wheelbarrowing.

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Wolverhampton Concrete Pump Delivery

Whilst enquiring about concrete pump hire, our friendly team will offer guidance and advise to ensure your project runs smoothly, answering any questions you may have.

With the ability to pump 1m3 of concrete per minute, concrete pumping is perfect for the small projects at home saving you the labour intensive wheelbarrowing or for the commercial scale jobs where multiple lorries worth of concrete are required.

Pumping Concrete Wolverhampton

A myth around pumping concrete is you have to add more water to the mix to enable the mix to get through the pipeline, this is not true. Adding more water would simply wash the cement and sand off the stones. More sand is added to the mix which means we have to increase the cement content too, all of our pump mixes have been calibrated, this makes sure you receive the correct grade of concrete you have paid for.

Screed fibres are also a popular choice when ordered screed, the fibres reduce the initial cracking in the curing stage.

Concrete Pump Hire Wolverhampton

We have years of experience within the building industry, no-one understands more than us the importance of keeping to timescales and budgets. Whether you are doing a DIY project or a large scale commercial build, we will deliver on time and be transparent about our pricing.
Not only is our concrete to a high standard, we will only deliver our own concrete which has been calibrated to BSI standards. Enquire about our concrete pump in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas today.

Why use us?

  • Reliable service.
  • Same/next day deliveries.
  • Perfect for restricted access.
  • Calibrated concrete pump mix.
  • Competitive prices.

How much will you need?

Our concrete calculator will help you work out the quantity you need. For advice and a quotation contact our advisors today.

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