Price Of Concrete In Wolverhampton

How much does concrete cost in Wolverhampton?

A break down of concrete costings.

Concrete in Wolverhampton

When planning your extension, driveway, or shed base you may not think that concrete would be expensive. The price of concrete might even seem minor when going through your budget for your project.

At Total Concrete & Screed we are showing you how to get the most cost effective concrete from your supplier without compromising on quality concrete.

Pricing Factors

The price of your concrete depends on many factors. We will outline the many reasons which turns your concrete enquiry into a bespoke quote.

Where are you located? 

We can offer the cheapest concrete in Wolverhampton, this is where we are based. We have to take into account time travelling to customers, cost of fuel, wear and tear on the lorry. As we move further away from Wolverhampton, our prices may increase but we will always remain competitive in all areas we cover.

What grade of concrete do you need?

You might already know what grade of concrete you need, but if you don’t or you would like to double check, tell our knowledgable team the purpose of the ready mix concrete and we can advise a grade for you. This could in fact save you money to make sure you aren’t ordering a concrete grade you don’t need for the job in hand.

How will the concrete be offloaded?

The type of job you are doing can also make a difference in price. Whether this is a straight pour, this is where we can drive up to the area you need the concrete and discharge directly into situ. Pump hire, this is a pipeline which takes the concrete from our lorry to your desired location, that could be in your back garden, around the side of a house, inside your house into one of your rooms etc. The last option is a wheel barrow job, this is where we provide the wheel barrows for you to move the concrete to wherever you need it.

How much concrete do you need?

Ready mix concrete is sold in volume, this means the more concrete you buy, the cheaper the concrete is per cubic metre. However, with our concrete, you only pay for the concrete you have used.

Use our calculator to work out how much concrete you need for the job desired. Take this as an estimate as the ground may not be the same level across the whole space.

Comparing Concrete Prices

When you compare your ready mixed concrete quotes, you must be aware that concrete is expensive to make. High quality cement and high quality aggregates are costly investments for concrete suppliers. If you have received a dramatically cheap quote for your concrete supplier in Wolverhampton, you must question what has been compromised? We explain more about this is here.

Be Prepared

We cannot over stress how much being prepared for the delivery will save you money when ordering concrete from Total Concrete & Screed. Knowing exactly what to expect, how much concrete you need and how you are going to take delivery of the concrete.

Weigh up whether you need the pump. If you are paying for labourers to haul the concrete to the back garden, are they prepared for the huge weight of concrete? Will they be tired afterwards and may struggle to work efficiently afterwards? Will they go over your allocated time for the concrete delivery?

It might be more cost effective to get Total Concrete & Screed to do all the labour of getting the concrete where you need it. This ensures your labourers can complete the work asked of them. That way you will not incur additional waiting time charges and the job gets done with no mess or fuss.

Get In Touch

Our friendly team at Total Concrete & Screed will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. Our volumetric lorries supply concrete to Wolverhampton and across the West Midlands.

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