Mixed Onsite Concrete In Wolverhampton

Mixed Onsite Concrete In Wolverhampton

Why should I use concrete mixed onsite? 

Whether you are planning a shed base for your garden or a warehouse floor for your business, we will explain the benefits of using our volumetric lorries in Wolverhampton for your project.

How can you budget for a concrete delivery?

When you plan a new project, you may normally start with a budget. At Total Concrete & Screed, we understand the importance of sticking to that budget.

Using our concrete calculator you can estimate the amount of concrete you need. By using us to supply your concrete in Wolverhampton, you are sourcing your concrete locally. This means you will not be faced with a huge delivery or transport fee.

One of the main advantages of using Total Concrete & Screed is you only pay for what you use, as a result you are in control of your budget.

Concrete, the way you want it.

Using our mix on site concrete you can manage many aspects of the product. You can change the grade/strength of concrete at any point during the delivery. This is ideal for multiple concrete pours on one site.

If you wish to change the consistency/slump of the concrete to suit you needs, just ask our driver to adjust the water.

We offer different additives that can slow down the curing process, reduce cracking, improve the flow/workability of the concrete and many more.

Concrete, when you want it.

Due to the concept of the concrete lorries, we can provide multiple deliveries to different sites using the same lorry load. This has huge logistical advantages when planning delivery slots.

Because of this, we can fulfil up to 10 different customer’s needs on one run.

This way of working gives us the ability to offer more delivery slots everyday to suit you.

Sustainability in concrete.

Protecting the environment is extremely important to Total Concrete & Screed. Reducing waste is just one of the ways we can help protect the planet and your wallet.

By using volumetric lorries, no concrete is wasted. We only make what you need there and then on site.

The lorry contains segregated raw materials in different compartments. If you have over ordered, you can take what you need and the driver can go straight to his next job.

Volumetric lorries reduce the amount of journeys the driver would need to take if they had to come back to the depot and empty the lorry of unused concrete.

By choosing Total Concrete & Screed for your concrete supplier in Wolverhampton, you are not only supporting a local business but you are reducing the carbon footprint within the area as we have less distance to travel.

We are always looking for new ways to be a more environmentally friendly company, we are currently trialling a more sustainable alternative to portland cement. We look forward to sharing our findings with you.

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