How To Prepare For A Concrete Delivery

How To Prepare For A Concrete Delivery.

A step by step guide from start to finish

Useful Tips & Info

  • Use our online concrete calculator to work out how much ready mix concrete you need to order.
  • Concrete and screed is measured in cubic metres (m3).
  • For complicated shapes, make simple shapes like squares and rectangles etc then add them together.   
  • Concrete for paths, shed bases, patios etc should be at least 75-100mm thick.
  • For driveways, garage floors etc the concrete should be at least 100mm thick.
  • Concrete for commercial uses like warehouse and factory floors should be at least 175mm thick. 
  • 1 cubic metre (m3) of concrete is the equivalent of around 40 wheelbarrows.

Prepare The Ground

Mark out the area you want concrete slab, you could do this with pegs and string. Clear this area of plantings, rocks and rubbish etc. Next, you will need to dig the area out, remember to go deep enough for the concrete slab, sub base and damp proof membrane. The depth that needs digging will depend on the purpose of the ready-mix concrete. Once you have created this hole, the ground will need compacting. Add the hardcore sub base and compact the area again. Finally, lay out your damp proof membrane, ensuring the edges of the membrane are turned up, joints are overlapped and sealed with tape. This layer helps to avoid the concrete from drying out too quickly, which can cause the concrete to crack.

Framework For The Concrete Slab

Using 25mm timber planks to create your framework, this will support the wet concrete so be sure you take your time on this stage as concrete is very heavy! If you are able to use the top of the framework as the final height of the concrete, this will help in the later stages when it comes to levelling

Order Your Concrete

Now you have completed the preparation of the area, measure the length, width and depth, give Total Concrete & Screed a call for your concrete in Wolverhampton and across the West Midlands. We will arrange the best date and time for you and get you booked in!

Don’t worry if your measurements aren’t completely accurate, you only pay for the concrete you’ve used, not for what you’ve ordered.

Depending on the job in hand you may wish to book a concrete pump too, this allows us to access hard to reach areas; this could be through a tight side entrance, where there’s no access to the back garden, or just too much concrete to use wheelbarrows. We provide our customers with two wheelbarrows to use free of charge but where we can offer a straight pour, this means the lorry pours the concrete exactly where you need it, we will do.

When Your Concrete Arrives

Our high quality concrete will start to go off quite quickly so time is of the essence here, hence why we want you to be prepared.

Ensure the area is ready for the 32 tonne lorry to arrive and pour the concrete. This might include access onto driveway, unlocking gated entrances and making sure the lorry weight will be supported.  If you are using wheel barrows, be warned, 1 cubic metre of concrete is roughly 2.5 tonne. This kind of work gets tiring.  

Whilst you are working with wet concrete and dry cement, you should be wearing sufficient protective clothing and take care must be taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

No matter how the concrete is transported to the desired area, whether that is by wheelbarrows, concrete pump hire or a straight pour, the ready mix concrete will be reasonably wet. Using a rake or a shovel spread and roughly level the concrete. Then, using a straight edge length of timber, tamp down the concrete, this ensures the concrete gets into all the corners of the framework and eliminates any air pockets. Depending on the required effect on the concrete you may wish to trowel for a smooth finish or to leave it tamped to add grip to the surface.

Once Your Concrete Is Laid

It is extremely important that your concrete does not dry out too quickly, this can cause cracking. We recommend covering the concrete pad with a plastic sheet to keep the moisture in. After around 48 hours you should be able to walk on the concrete pad but you are advised to wait until at least 5 days. The framework around the pad should be removed after 72 hours to avoid the edges possibly getting damaged.

Your concrete will reach its full strength after 28 days.

Call Total Concrete & Screed today on 01902 581998 for your ready mix concrete in Wolverhampton.

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