How Much Concrete Do I Need?

How Much Concrete Do I Need?

The complete beginners guide.

What Mix Do I Need?

Concrete as a material is very versatile, there are so many uses. From driveways to castings, building foundations to exposed floors, knowing the purpose of the concrete you need will determine the grade of concrete you need to order. Popular uses of concrete in and around your home may be a shed base, new driveway, footings for an extension, we can supply all grades of concrete so if you are unfamiliar of which mix you need , give us a call and we can advise you accordingly.

What Is A Volumetric Lorry?

Volumetric concrete lorries have has separate compartments for the different ingredients to make concrete; sharp sand, stone, water and cement. This allows us to mix concrete on site. Unlike the barrel mixers, volumetric lorries can change the mix, water content and quantity during your concrete delivery. 

Which Metric Do I Have To Measure in?

Our concrete calculator is extremely flexible. You can switch between metres, feet, inches and centimetres in one calculation.  Give the ready mix calculator a try, its very user friendly and allows you to measure multiple shapes.

How To Measure Concrete

It only takes a few basic measurements to work out how much concrete you need to order. We have a concrete calculator which is simple to use. All you need is the length, width and depth of the space for the concrete to go. This concrete calculator converts your  measurements into cubic metres or m3, this is how concrete is measured. 

If you need assistance using the calculator you can call our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help you or calculate your measurements for you.  

Get in touch with Total Concrete & Screed for ready mix concrete Wolverhampton today.

What If I Can’t Measure Accurately?

If the floor you require concrete on is uneven or it’s an awkward space to measure, don’t worry. You only pay for what you use!

There is a running meter on the volumetric lorry which shows how much concrete you have received.   

As we mix our concrete on site there is no wastage if you over order you simply ask the driver to stop but you can always ask for more if you need it.

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