Concrete Supplier Wolverhampton

Concrete Supplier Wolverhampton

New to concrete, new to the area or switching supplier?

Top Quality Concrete

When searching for a concrete company in Wolverhampton to provide a high quality product, look no further. All of our aggregates and cement are provided by Hanson, an industry leader in concrete supplying.

Twice annually our volumetric lorries are calibrated to ensure we are producing the same standard all year around.

Reliable Service

Providing a seamless, reliable service is a passion of ours. Once we created the perfect mix concrete, our next prioirty was to provide a second to none customer service. From the moment you pick up the phone to the driver delivering your ready mix concrete, you will be filled with knowledge and confidence.

Total Concrete & Screed understands the frustration you may face when waiting all day for your concrete delivery. That’s why we have dedicated timeslots to fit around your project. This enables you to plan ahead and save on labour costs.

Low Priced Concrete

With our high quality concrete and attention to detail within the customer service experience, you would expect the cost to be unaffordable. To allow our prices to be so competitive, we have chosen to take a lower profit from the product we make. This keeps our customers happy and more importantly, keeps them returning to us. We see the lifetime value of our customer rather than a one hit wonder.

Our product probably won’t be the cheapest concrete in Wolverhampton, but it’s the best value for money.

Concrete Supplier Wolverhampton

Booking Concrete For The First Time?

If so, welcome to Total Concrete & Screed, we are a friendly, knowledgable team based in Wolverhampton. If you have never booked concrete before, we understand it might be bit overwhelming. We will talk you through every step from the different concrete grades, concrete cost, how much concrete you need and what to expect from a concrete delivery. You will be experts by the time you receive your ready mix concrete.

Switching Concrete Supplier?

For some contractors, ordering from the same concrete supplier is out of habit or ease. Changing supplier may seem like quite a risk. Even when you are unhappy with the service, price or the product your current supplier is providing, you are thinking “it’s better the devil you know”. What if we told you that you are missing out on our impeccable customer service, high quality concrete all with transparent competitive pricing?

Working In The Area? 

A lot of our commercial clients offer their services nationwide. Therefore, when they are moving and working around the country they need to find suppliers in different areas. 

Within Wolverhampton and the West Midlands Total Concrete & Screed can for-fill your ready mix concrete requirements at competitve prices but never comprimised product quality.

Which Supplier Should You Trust?

When looking for a new concrete supplier in Wolverhampton we have some tips to help you make the perfect choice.

Check out their Google reviews, Facebook reviews and their Facebook pages. Do they have recent updates, posts and photos? 

Ask about, you will be surprised by how word gets around and how many people order ready mix concrete in Wolverhampton! Find out how the concrete company’s time keeping was, how was their communication and knowledge?  Were they fairly priced and helpful? 

Pick up the phone and give them a call, you will get a feel of the company just from a brief phone call. If you don’t know anything about concrete before you order then make sure you are full of knowledge about the concrete you are ordering by the end of the call. You must know what you are spending your money on. We aim to make you feel reassured and confident when booking concrete with us. You will know what grade of concrete you’ve ordered and why. You will know exactly what happens during a concrete delivery to avoid unexpected inconveniences and charges.

If you work with concrete on a regular basis then you are probably used to ordering concrete. You are probably the hardest customer to convert. You hold a sense of loyalty to your supplier, but does your concrete supplier see you in the same light? We don’t treat our customers any differently because of the amount of money they spend with us. We aspire to be the best concrete company in Wolverhampton. 

Our reputation and customer satisfaction is everything to us. Total Concrete & Screed understands that having labourers on site for hours waiting for a concrete delivery costs you more than an increased concrete price. Having a top quality product to satisfy your customer’s specification is more important than the cheapest concrete available. 

A trustworthy concrete company will be able to tell you where their aggregates and cement come from. They can advise you on the best concrete for purpose rather than the cheapest concrete in Wolverhampton.

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