Cheapest Concrete in Wolverhampton?

Cheapest Concrete in Wolverhampton?

Why we won’t give you the cheapest concrete. Hear us out.

High Quality Concrete

We use the highest quality quarried aggregates in all of our ready mix concrete and screeds. Our volumetric lorries are calibrated twice a year to ensure we maintain the high standard you expect from Total Concrete & Screed.

Low Priced Concrete

We offer extremely competitive priced concrete in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas on small and large orders.

Different Grades

We offer a whole range of ready mix concrete for all different purposes. The concrete that you may need for your footings is not the same concrete used for a warehouse floor. Concrete is graded on the mix ratio between cement, sharp sand and stones. If you don’t know the grade you need for the job, don’t worry, we can advise you based on your purpose.

Concrete Experts

At Total Concrete & Screed our aim is to give you as much information and guidance about our concrete so you become experts too.
We want you to know exactly what you’ve ordered and what to expect from us.

Understanding Concrete

When ordering concrete, we don’t have a single grade of concrete with different price brackets based on the quality of materials used. We never compromise the quality of our ready mix concrete, the price difference between the concrete we offer is determined by the cement content. The less cement content within a mix, the weaker the concrete will be, that does not mean that the concrete is a lower quality, it’s a lower strength so it is used for different purposes. As the cement is the biggest cost within the concrete mix, the less of it we use, the cheaper that grade is.

We are often asked for the cheapest concrete we offer for a driveway, or a shed base etc, the truth is as we are not willing to compromise on the grade of concrete you need for the job. So if you need concrete for your driveway, we will price you on the appropriate grade of concrete for your driveway. Honestly, it would cost you a lot more to replace or repair cracked or crumbled concrete at a later date.

Competitive Concrete Wolverhampton?

Absolutely! We offer competitive rates on our concrete without compromising on quality. We understand that budgeting is crucial to all projects. You only pay for what you use! Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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